”Helle Bang works with the painting as colour and the sculpture as figure. She in this way unites two of the crucial episodes in the history of civilization in modern time. This she does in her own special way, which is both modern – and in spite of that – out of time. Simply and promisingly at the same time. Once again the heritage from the modern breakthrough has been folded on – for joy and surprise for all of us."

Erik Meistrup, Art writer

“Sense of colour is exactly the special kind of sense, which the painter Helle Bang possesses. She is both an expressive and an abstract painter to whom colour is a crucial factor in each painting. It is particular colour poetry of nature that fascinates her. She captures it with precision and reproduces it with great colouristic sense.” “The music of the colours in her paintings is so beautiful and melodious, that one could be tempted to call her paintings Mozart on a canvas.” “To an artist such as Helle Bang, nature, a big drama seen from many different perspectives, can be turned into paintings. In this way it becomes a series of stories about rhythm, sensuality, intensity and stillness. And her paintings contain them all. They are filled with contracts. They are raw and sensitive at the same time. There are soft and poetic strokes side by side with hectic and violent strokes. All of which are needed to make the paintings come to life.” “For this reason she has her own place in today’s art. She stands somewhere between tradition and innovation. However, first and foremost she has found her own very personal way to paint. Her “signature” is unmistakeable.”

From Ole Lindboe's book ”Sense of Colour” - about Helle Bang.